Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Strategic Goals:

The brief was to produce ‘a bold, innovative and comprehensive multimedia campaign’ to change attitudes and behaviour towards drug and alcohol misuse, and help achieve a 10% drop in the number of Service personnel lost through the effects of alcohol abuse, drug misuse, and absence.


The creation of a campaign delivered across a wide range of media – DVD, cinema, television, radio, and on line. Three dramas – one for each of the three Services – formed the core of the campaign. They featured characters from the Services who were tempted into drink, drugs or alcohol by a sinister character called Nick, whom only the audience could see and hear. Nick represented the voice inside all of us who urges us to make a bad decision – to step over the line between sensible behaviour and being our own worst enemy.


The ‘Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy’ campaign achieved a 34% reduction in the number of positive drugs tests. In monetary terms, this equates to a £5.5M saving to the Services training budget over the first one year period.


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